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"The MVP lens is not only my first choice for my patients, but it is the lens I wear myself."
-Hamp Moore, O.D.

"...made me a multifocal fitting expert"
 -Barry Adler, O.D.

 "The performance is so convincing…"
  -Andrea Sims, O.D.

"… a very high success rate"
-Blake Thornhill, O.D.

"...amazing results with ABBA Optical's  MVP"
-Joel Jenkins, O.D.

"I highly recommend... "
-Amir Khoshnevis, O.D.

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What people are saying

What people are saying about their MVP Multifocal Lenses:


Nelson Bean
Many years ago when fitted with some of the first variable focus contact lenses, I learned that it would be necessary to have a small compromise in both near and far vision for the convenience of not wearing reading glasses. Over the years as I aged the compromise became greater. I was elated when I learned about the new ABBA MVP Multifocal lenses and that they would eliminate the compromise.

For the first time in two decades, the new ABBA Multifocal contact lenses allow me to have 20-20 distance vision AND read a telephone directory in only moderate light without reading glasses. I was ecstatic the first time I tried them. For me it is like turning the clock back 20 years!
--Nelson R. Bean, CEO


Says Dr. Bush when asked about her experience with gas perm lenses. “I have been wearing contact lenses for over 15 years. As my vision worsened, I assumed it was due to getting older and that at a certain age, I wasn’t sure they’d be able to fit me any longer.” Fearing the prospect of bifocals, Dr Bush went several years with poor vision. Then she found a doctor who worked with her until they found the magic recipe. “I am very pleased with ABBA gas perm multifocal lenses. I can see well, I am not in bifocal glasses, and I don’t feel like an old lady!”
-- Dr. Dwana Bush, Physician


Gene is a marketing executive and an avid golfer who has worn soft contacts since the mid- 80's. " I thought I was just getting older and my declining eyesight was normal. Then I read about gas perm lenses and decided to try them. My doctor recommended ABBA MVP lenses. What a significant difference! I have not seen this well in years, plus I don't need to wear reading glasses anymore. Believe it or not I've taken four strokes off my golf game since making the switch.
--Gene Moorhead, Business Executive


I’ve been wearing Bitoric GP lenses from ABBA for years and have been very happy. Recently I began getting headaches and my doctor suggested we check my reading vision. Sure enough, I caught the 40’s syndrome and needed reading correction, but having worked in the Optometry industry for over 20 years, we had concerns going into the process of trying to fit a bitoric multifocal. We crossed our fingers and called my prescription in to ABBA. They consulted with my doctor, designed, manufactured, and shipped my lenses out to me that day. When I got them and tried them on, I was far from happy…I was ecstatic. They felt great and I could see just like before, except my near was a little clearer and I didn’t get headaches anymore. My doctor was very pleased that I adapted so well to the multifocals and for me, not to have to wear glasses is a blessing. ABBA continues to impress us with their outstanding quality and service.
--Julie Smith, Assistant to David Lee, O.D.


The multi-focal lenses have been working great. I have been wearing the transitional [MVP Multifocal ] lenses on the weekends to play golf. I just started playing softball again and have been wearing the contacts to practice. They definitely help to see the ball.


Absolutely thrilling! I haven't been able to see this sharply in years. Thanks for putting me into these new ABBA gas perm lenses. Not only am I seeing more distinctly, but not having to wear reading glasses is a blessing in itself!

Previously, I just thought it was part of the normal aging process, that even though I could see 20/20 with my old soft contact lenses things weren't as crisp as they used to be. That's all changed.



I am pleased to share my satisfaction with the multi-focal contacts I received through the Emory Contact Lens Center under the services of Buddy Russell. My satisfaction includes:

  • Clarity of vision
  • Comfort of wear
  • Ease of adjustment in use
  • Longevity of use
  • Satisfaction with lens and service
  • Strength of lens
  • Quality of ability to enhance vision for extended reading
  • Ease of adjustment for close and distance reading

As a minister and denominational leader, I have a great deal of reading and computer work. The multi-focal lens makes it easy for me to move from the two mediums with ease.

My thanks to Buddy, Emory, and the firm who have created these wonderful contacts.
--I.P. Ellijay, GA


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Recent Newspaper Article

  Over the last several years I have worked with challenging patients often referred to me by other eye care practitioners.  Some of the most challenging have been fitting contact lenses to correct distance and near vision.  However, a new contact lens called the MVP Multifocal has taken many of the challenges away, converting former non contact lens candidates into great candidates.


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